K2 Excavator 2023 Review

k2 excavator 2023

As the name already suggests the K2 Excavator 2023 was built to dig trenches. This board was designed to make the most out of each and every powder day. Made for resort ripping powder chasers, the Excavator is a beast in fluffy powder. Coming in for the second season, the K2 Excavator 2023 is here […]

K2 Afterblack 2023 Review

k2 afterblack 2023

There are so many new boards coming up for the 2023 season but the K2 Afterblack is one to stay. The K2 Afterblack 2023 is the perfect board for anyone who is looking to push the boundaries of freestyle. While the K2 Afterblack may be seen as an All-Mountain Ripper due to the hybrid Camber […]

How to Choose the Proper Snowboard Size?

snowboard size

Snowboarding is an incredibly addictive sport for riders both new and experienced. Finding the perfect powder and having that first great run can be an incredible feeling. As the rider begins to progress they begin to dream of having their own snowboard rather than renting the boards at many of the mountains. Grabbing that first […]


Every aspect of the K2 Afterblack is built for freestyle performance. Hit the biggest features in the park, find side hits on the mountain, hitting fun features such as rails and boxes. The K2 Afterblack does it all. Who is the K2 Afterblack most suited for? Contrary to what it was built for, the board […]


best carving snowboards 2022

There is something magical about charging down a mountain, picking your line through the trees, and hanging as low as possible in your carving turns. This is a whole new level of adrenaline rushing through your body – it’s easy to get addicted to this just like me. However, you do need a fantastic board […]


capita doa 22

Price: 500$ Category: Freestyle, All-Mountain Freestyle Flex: Medium Profile Snowboard: Hybrid Camber Shape: Twin Gender: Male Who is the Capita DOA 2022 most suited for? The Capita DOA 2022 is perfect for anyone who likes to charge down the mountain, but still wants to hit the park regularly. The board can carve well and handle […]


capita snowboard

If you’re looking for a new snowboarding experience, and have been considering buying a snowboard but aren’t sure which brand to choose from the selection of popular names like Burton or Salomon, then it’s time to consider a Capita snowboard. These boards are not only relatively affordable compared to some other top-tier manufacturers (especially if […]


snowboarding style

Everyone has their unique snowboarding style and their own preferences regarding how and where on the mountain they ride. But these types can be distinguished into 5 types. These types are a spectrum rather than a fixed style, you might lean more to one type or to one another and this can change over time. […]