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Burton Photon Wide Review

Sliding down a mountain gives me a sense of freedom and immense power. Feeling the ice-cold wind
past my face reunites me with my inner child. Having the right kit helps me feel safe and contributes to
my performance. The most important for me is having the right kind of boots. Not only do they keep me
safely anchored to my board, but they also help in pulling off those crazy stunts. As we all know, when
we all get to the bottom, it pays to have comfortable boots to walk back up the mountain in. The burton
snowboarding boots tick all the boxes for me.

Burton Photon Wide Overview

The burton photon wide snowboarding boot is a top-range snowboarding boot for men, the female
version of this boot is known as the burton Felix. This boot would be best suited for someone who likes
a very stiff boot to get a lot of responsiveness when snowboarding. It is categorized as an all-mountain,
park, and backcountry boot. It incorporates two boas, one at the top that tightens the upper and lower
portions of the boot.

It also features a snugger strap where the other boa is located; when you tighten
this boa, it gets stiffer around the ankle region to offer more stiffness and support for more overall
responsiveness. Burton photon is made for people with wide feet in order to be more comfortable. It
has B3 gel in the heel for added shock absorption. The inside of the burton photon has two remarkable
features. First, a sleeping bag reflective lining to keep your feet warm by reflecting your body heat back
to your foot.

Finally, it has a really high focus cuff that wraps around the thermal heat moldable liner. It
also comes with a really impressive foot pad that comes with heel and arch support. It is perforated for
extra circulation to ensure comfort. The front end of the foot pad is really squared out to accommodate
the wide foot and offer wiggle room for the toes.

burton photon wide

Pros and Cons of the Burton Photon Wide


  • It is wide and hence accommodates a wide variety of foot sizes
  • It is stiff. This makes it very responsive to the person’s movements
  • It incorporates two boas that help you tighten the boots properly according to your style of riding.
  • The boas help riders tighten the boots faster and in a safer way than shoe laces that can easily unravel.


  • Its stiffness does not make it particularly good for beginners because beginners usually need a lot more flexibility at first before mastering the sport.
  • The snugger strap makes it impossible to use the boot with strap bindings because the ankle strap for the binding goes directly over the snugger strap
  • Its price is rather high for most people.

How does it compare to other Wide Snowboarding Boots?

Unlike many other wide snowboarding boots, this boot comes with so many more added advantages in
its design. These include the added snugger strap for added ankle support, and it is stiffer than other wide snowboarding boots. This makes it preferable for more experienced snowboarders. However, its stiffness may put it at a disadvantage with less experienced snowboarders who might need more

Why does snowboard boot width matter?

This mainly boils down to the comfort of the snowboarder. We all know that snowboarding is an
extreme sport that requires a lot of skill to perform. If the boots of the rider are too narrow, there will
be a lot of friction between the boot and the rider’s foot; this is because snowboard boots are really
stiff, and it might lead to some bad blisters and an uncomfortable ride. On the other hand, if it is too
wide, it might not give the responsiveness that may be needed. Hence getting the right width is

Verdict: Is it a good snowboard boot?

Yes. It gives the most amount of stiffness which is preferred by most riders. The extra width makes them
able to accommodate a wide variety of foot sizes. This also increases the general comfort of the

Additionally, the reviews of the Burton Photon Wide are very positive about this particular boot, meaning that a lot of people think it’s worth the money and it allows for a comfortable and high-performance ride.

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