capita doa 22



Price: 500$
Category: Freestyle, All-Mountain Freestyle
Flex: Medium
Profile Snowboard: Hybrid Camber
Shape: Twin
Gender: Male

Who is the Capita DOA 2022 most suited for?

The Capita DOA 2022 is perfect for anyone who likes to charge down the mountain, but still wants to hit the park regularly.

The board can carve well and handle speeds to a certain degree. The board is perfect for hitting side hits and has a lot of pop for all your tricks, but if you only care about speed, this board is not for you.

If you like going down the mountain and using everything as your natural park, then this board is a perfect fit for you.

However, this board is not for beginners. The board is too aggressive and is not forgiving, so if you are a beginner, there are boards that will suit you better.

Carving and Turning

A great board for carving. The board feels quite stable even at high speed. This is the case in both good conditions as well as in icy and hard conditions.

For regular turns, you could get punished if your technique isn’t good. But the board itself isn’t completely unforgiving. You can get away with skidding turns to an extent, but only to a certain limit. It’s fun when riding backcountry but you would have to give more effort as it’s not made for sharp short turns.


The Capita DOA 2022 is really good at handling speed to a certain extent, you will always feel in control of the board even when charging down the mountain. It’s not the best board at handling high speeds, but it does a pretty good job at it. It glides really well and with this board, you don’t have to worry about walking on even parts of the mountain.

Uneven Terrain

The board does a pretty good job on uneven terrain. You will notice keeping control is a little bit harder than on other boards but you will get used to it pretty fast and have loads of fun with it.


Jumps on this board is pure fun. It has that nice flex for if you want to do larger jumps but still does well on the small and medium jumps. And it does really well at side hits aswell.

The landing feels stable and the board is perfect for approach aswell. Even though it’s pretty aggressive and you can really lock it in when you want too, maneuvering for approaches in the park aswell as side hits is quite easy.

The pop on this board is amazing, the air time you get out of this board is unmatched.

Riding Switch

Riding switch and landing switch after doing your 180, 540, etc is something this board is made for. Riding out switch on this board feels like a whole new dimension compared to other boards. Transitioning on this board feels really good too so I can promise you, you won’t catch your edge unless you force it.


The Capita DOA 2022 is not made for jibbing, I mean you can do them, but the board is simply not made for it. If you are looking for the full Jib experience, I suggest you to look into other boards.

Pipes and Boxes

The Capita DOA 2022 has enough stiffness to be able to hit pipes and boxes aswell as this board being camber and twin shaped, which means this box does very well with pipes and boxes.

Should you buy the Capita DOA?

So if you like to hit the park, but don’t want to sacrifice the ability to be able to carve and charge at high speeds, then this board would suit you perfectly, it does really well at jumps and other park features and you can still charge down the mountain at very high speeds whilst feeling stable. The price is average for snowboards, there are cheaper options out there but this board has got some great quality for a good price.

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