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Everyone has their unique snowboarding style and their own preferences regarding how and where on the mountain they ride. But these types can be distinguished into 5 types.

These types are a spectrum rather than a fixed style, you might lean more to one type or to one another and this can change over time. For example, I am an All-mountain Freestyler, but I lean slightly toward the Freestyle end of the spectrum currently.

Why Do I Need a Snowboarding Style?

The biggest reason for choosing a riding style is for choosing your gear. Your Boot, Board, and Binding choices in particular will be greatly influenced by your snowboarding style.

Your style is important when choosing gear, because if you only want to hit the park, then you want to have a board with a lot of flexibility and want a smaller one, so you can excel in the park. Likewise, if you just want to carve, then you want a rather stiff board to hit your edges.

So it’s really important that you choose the snowboarding style that fits you the best unless you got a lot of money to spend and are able to buy boards of all the 5 types of course.

What are all the 5 styles?

The following is how I break down the different snowboarding styles. One of these styles will suit you, if not in between two like me. Once you have figured out your snowboarding style, then you can start looking into a board, binding, and boot that fits your particular style.

Powder Fanatic

You are a Powder Fanatic if you save your energy on regular boarding days for the days with a lot of Pow.

You avoid the park and don’t like going to the mountains unless a lot of snowfall happened recently. Do you like riding backcountry and having the mountain to yourself? Then you might be a powder fanatic. Do you like Pow, but you’re also into All-Mountain or Freestyle, you can always decide to buy 2 boards so you can also ride when powder isn’t present.


Just like a Powder Fanatic you are into riding powder. You like groomers. But mostly, the backcountry is your place to be. Cliffs, trees and speed are your dearest friends.

Who needs a Twin board if you are going downhill is your mentality. You love roaming the mountain for the entire day and wish you could do this every day. You keep a mile of distance from the park, you just want to explore the mountain all day long.

Freerider boards are made for powder and tend to be stiff and mostly directional. Freeriding can be hard, so being an advanced to expert rider is advised.


If you are an All-Mountaineer, you do a bit of everything. You want one board to do everything on. You want one board to take you over the entire mountain, from enjoying powder days to riding freestyle, you want to enjoy it all.

You are more leaning toward Freeriding than towards freestyle as opposed to the next style. You enjoy powder days more than going to the park, but still want to go to the park occasionally or hit some side hits on the mountain.

All-mountain boards are mostly medium-stiff to stiff so they can carve very well, whilst still being able to do some freestyle work. These boards can do everything.

All-Mountain Freestyle

All-Mountain Freestylers are versatile snowboarders. But opposed to All-mountaineers, they tend more to Freestyle than to Freeriding.

You like the park more than powder days and if you do occasionally hit some groomers, you treat it like the park.

You like to carve and just ride and hit the powder sometimes, but don’t see deep powder or have a separate board for this.

These boards are more flexible than regular All-Mountain boards to be able to use them regularly in the park.

snowboarding style

Freestyler/Park Rat

You wouldn’t mind if the whole mountain was turned into a park.

Rails, Butters, 360’s, Tricks, Boxes, and Jibs are the only words you know. You like to spend all day long in the park. Jerries and people who don’t know park rules are the things you hate the most.

You want a board with a lot of flex that won’t break on impact and has a lot of pop. You want a shorter board for more versatility. You don’t like groomers or riding backcountry and if you occasionally do, it’s to get to the park.

snowboarding style

What snowboarding style suits me?

Well, you should have a good idea now where you fit in. There are boards, bindings, and boots for all the styles displayed above. For beginner snowboarders, I suggest starting with gear of one of the all-mountain styles as it doesn’t require you to buy multiple boards for multiple disciplines.

Check out the different boards I have reviewed below for all the above-displayed styles!

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