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Snowboarding and skateboarding obviously have a lot in common. They’re both board sports that involve riding on a board, and they share many of the same basic moves. But can skating help you snowboard better? That’s the question we’re going to answer for you.

There are definitely some things that skateboarding can teach you about snowboarding. First of all, skateboarding can help you to develop your balance. This is important in snowboarding because if you can stay on your skateboard while speeding, where you are not attached to the board, you will be able to stand on your snowboard when you are bound to your board.


There are both a lot of comparisons between the two sports as differences. It’s no secret that a lot of people skateboard in the summer, when there is no snow, to keep up with their snowboarding form.

Here are some comparisons between both:

Stance and Balance

A few key things set skateboarding and snowboarding apart: stance and balance. When it comes to stance, both have a lot of similarities, both sports distribute their weight on their front and back for steering. Where stances on snowboards and skateboards do differ is the position of the foot. On a snowboard bindings tend to be put in a position where your feet are pointing outward, while your feet are parallel on a skateboard.

Both sports have Goofy and Regular stances. So as to figure out if you are Goofy or Regular, skateboarding helps. There is also something called board feel, if you have ever done another board sport like surfing before taking on a sport like snowboarding, then you know what I am talking about. This board feel means that you are used to standing on a board, another board sport takes less time to get used to.

Another key difference worth mentioning is your feet are strapped on a snowboard, whereas they are moving freely on a skateboard, which results in a difference in balance as if you shift too far in one direction on a skateboard, you will fly. Compared to a snowboard, where your board will follow your movement.

Riding Skill

As mentioned before, there are a lot of comparisons in balance and stance between skateboarding and snowboarding. But is this the same for Riding Skill? The first big difference is that a skateboard has 4 wheels and rides, compared to a snowboard that has no wheels and glides. Secondly, you try to keep your skateboard flat whilst skating, while on a snowboard, you are barely riding on a flat base, unless you want to catch your edge or do some advanced tricks. Edge riding is a big difference from skateboarding.

On the flip side, body motion is quite similar on a skateboard and snowboard. Initiating turns on both a snowboard and a skateboard is done by using your head, shoulders, and upper body. You shift your body weight to one side, to go in that direction. On a skateboard, it makes your wheels turn, whereas on a snowboard your board starts gliding in that direction.

Stopping also has quite some similarities. Stopping on a skateboard is done by foot braking or bailing, which is something you can’t do on a snowboard as you are strapped onto it. Stopping on a snowboard, however, is very similar to power sliding on a skateboard, which is done by shifting your weight backward, similarly to stopping on a snowboard, where you also shift your weight back and push your heels into the mountain.


When you want to turn on a skateboard, you just lean in the direction you want to go, while applying a little bit of pressure to your heels. Contrary to snowboarding, where your entire body is involved in turning.

Stepping on a skateboard will make it roll automatically, which could result in it shooting out under you. On a snowboard, you aline parallel to the mountain and strap in, which makes it a lot safer. Additionally, if you fall on a skateboard you fall on hard concrete, whereas if you fall on a snowboard, you will be fine most of the time even in icy conditions.

This could result in too much precaution when a skateboarder takes up snowboarding – you won’t get good at snowboarding if you don’t take risks. But this might only be the case for a few skateboarders.


One thing is sure, your board balancing skills from skateboarding will definitely help you take up snowboarding at a faster pace than others.

Unlike “Regular” beginners, skateboarders will be able to advance pretty fast on their first snowboarding days. Unlike them, they can possibly learn how to do a C-turn on a snowboard within a day. As mentioned earlier on, there are a lot of similarities between both sports, so it’s just a matter of getting used to the feeling of being strapped to a board and the differences in stances.

Unfortunately, linking turns is something skateboarders are unfamiliar with. So this might be something that is not an advantage over regular beginners. But skateboarders will still pick it up at a quick pace as balance is also involved in these turns, which means you actually do have an advantage.

If you are good at skateboarding tricks, you will be able to perform these tricks on a snowboard rapidly. The mental part of doing a trick on a skateboard is similar to that on a snowboard – so if you are able to overcome this mental blockage on your skateboard, you will be able to do it on your snowboard and fully commit to your trick and landing.

So does Skateboarding help you Snowboard?

The answer is most definitely YES. It helps you learn how to balance on a moving board, how to shift weight for turns and advance at a rapid pace with snowboarding tricks.

Snowboarding and skateboarding are complementary sports, skateboarding helps you get better at snowboarding and vice versa. Skateboarding is an inexpensive sport, which you can perform all year long, so if you want to get better at snowboarding, I suggest you take up skateboarding while the mountains are green.

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