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Jiminy Peak ski resort review

Snowboarding and skiing are slowly becoming some of the most popular winter pastimes in the world. Located in Hancock, Massachusetts is one of the most popular ski resorts in the area.

Jiminy Peak Ski Resorts offers individuals one of the largest skiing and snowboarding trail selections in the Northeast. Many visitors to the area make sure to visit this location at least once. This is because they understand the wonderful views and skiing opportunities that Jiminy Peak provides.

Jiminy Peak Ski Trails

Jiminy Peak provides 20 plus different trails to ski on. Each trail is designed to complement several different skill levels. You will also find multiple chair and surface lifts. When the light goes in, the slopes do not close. There are dozens of light poles throughout the area to ensure that you can continue skiing and see where you’re going at the same time. This allows the skier to feel comfortable knowing that they will be able to get a full day of activity in.

If there is no snow, do not worry. Jiminy Peak has state-of-the-art snow-making machines working day and night to produce trails that are still able to be skied. This is usually not a worry in the Berkshires though. The reason for this is that the Berkshires are usually one of the few areas that have a solid snow season almost every year. This is in part because the Berkshires are located mostly on mountains, providing a greater opportunity to receive a solid snowfall.

The highest height of one of Jiminy Peak’s slopes is well over 1000 feet. You may argue that there are higher slopes in nearby Vermont or New Hampshire, and you are right. What you must take into consideration though is the way Jiminy Peak is designed. It is designed in such a way that you get a truly unique scenic skiing experience.

Many people who have skied for years continue to ski and look for slopes that present to them one-of-a-kind views. Jiminy Peak offers its slope riders this opportunity through its unique vision and design. They are also constantly working to create more trails that encompass this vision.

Do not worry about looking for a place to stay, eat, or be entertained while visiting Jiminy Peak. Besides the restaurant and coffee shop that is located on-site, there are many different establishments that you can visit outside of Bouquet. Old Country Buffet, Old Forge, Berkshire Mall, and Walmart are conveniently located nearby.

You are also only a few miles in each direction from the town of Lee and downtown Pittsfield. Each area offers a variety of places to eat and even shop. The Prime Outlets Mall is located in Lee, while the Berkshire Mall is located just over the Pittsfield Line. With so many outside attractions and places to stay, you have ensured a solid visit to Jiminy Peak.

Skiers and snowboarders seem to always come back to Jiminy Peak. This is believed to be because they truly enjoy the scenery and easily accessible outside entertainment. People visit this location yearly from all over the world. The Berkshires seem to provide a little bit of everything and Jiminy Peak takes advantage of this.

Jiminy Peak understands that it is located in a beautiful environment and uses it to create a skiing experience like no other. I highly advise that you take a look at this ski resort if you ever visit the Berkshires.

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