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Every aspect of the K2 Afterblack is built for freestyle performance. Hit the biggest features in the park, find side hits on the mountain, hitting fun features such as rails and boxes. The K2 Afterblack does it all.

Who is the K2 Afterblack most suited for?

Contrary to what it was built for, the board does well in all disciplines. From bombing down the mountain to riding in deep powder, this board does it all.

If riding with creative freedom is something you like, the K2 Afterblack is the board for you. Choosing a board based on the weather conditions is an act of the past with this board. Whether there is powder, icy snow, or slushy snow, this board performs well in all of them. If that’s something you like, you might want to consider the K2 Afterblack.


The K2 Afterblack is a true twin-shaped board, meaning that the nose and tail are symmetrical. The twin shape gives you that extra mile in the park or on side hits for your tricks. It enables you to spin and jib around the mountain.


The K2 Afterblack has a Hybrid Camber profile, giving the benefits of both profiles. Camber sits between the two bindings, adding power and pop to the board. This is perfect for jibbing around the mountain. Rocker is placed outside the two bindings to add stability to the board for speeding, and for initiating turns. This combination makes up for a great All-mountain board.

The combination of the Hybrid Camber profile and the True twin shape makes it a perfect allrounder.


The K2 Afterblack is made from several high-end materials. The core of the board is made out of a blend of three wood species that have been sourced sustainably. Naturally absorbing any vibrations giving you a better experience. The core is wrapped in a fiberglass laminate increasing the stiffness of the board.

Carbon sits under the bindings to drive the energy from your bindings to the edges, adding more pop to the board as well. The carbon also adds stability to the board for carving and landing big features.

Carving and Turning

The K2 Afterblack is very lively. Meaning that it requires less input for a strong output. It makes the board a little more aggressive with regular skidded turns or carving turns. But thanks to the carbon underneath the bindings, the board has enough stability to cruise at a rapid pace.

A moderate pace is a bit harder on this board – due to the energetic nature of this board, it’s harder to hold your edge at a moderate pace than when charging down the mountain. But this won’t oppose any problems for a skilled rider.


As mentioned earlier, the K2 Afterblack does better at charging down the mountain than doing skidded turns. I have tested this board and what a blast I had. Bombing down the mountain at speeds above 50 miles an hour is phenomenal with this board.

The edge control at these speeds is insane. Normally you would feel a little less secure while speeding but with this board, it feels so safe. It’s fair to say that I haven’t had a board doing this well at these speeds.

On uneven terrains, which I, unfortunately, had plenty of, the K2 Afterblack has an insanely firm edge hold. The amount of impact absorbed by its fiberglass laminate makes you almost unbothered by these unevennesses.


The K2 Afterblack has an insane amount of pop. The energy input is amplified and makes you fly. Side hits or big park jumps are a piece of cake with this thing. Both landing and jumping are super beginner friendly and all impact from landing is absorbed by the fiberglass laminate.

Jibbing around the mountain is what I enjoyed the most about this board, I didn’t have to fully commit but the amount of pop I had was astonishing.


Although the K2 Afterblack wasn’t designed to be a powder board, it is very much capable of riding deep powder. Thanks to the rocker profile both on the nose and tail, the nose and tail are lifted up. This allows the board to be afloat in the snow in a way instead of diving into it.

Unfortunately, I was not able to test it on a powder day but I have had some places on the slope where there were heaps of snow where I perfectly stayed afloat on.

Should you buy the K2 Afterblack?

If you are looking for a do-all board that does well in all disciplines, you might want to consider the K2 Afterblack. From Bombing down the mountain at a rapid pace to jibbing around the mountain this board can do it all. The price of the board is 500$, which is a very reasonable price considering you are sort of getting three boards in one.

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