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K2 Excavator 2023 Review

As the name already suggests the K2 Excavator 2023 was built to dig trenches. This board was designed to make the most out of each and every powder day.

Made for resort ripping powder chasers, the Excavator is a beast in fluffy powder. Coming in for the second season, the K2 Excavator 2023 is here to stay.

K2 Excavator 2023 Board Type

The Excavator has a directional Camber profile. It features positive Camber running from the front binding to the tail with a slight rise in the nose due to the addition of Rocker to make this a powder beast. The combination of the Rocker in the nose and the camber everywhere else makes the rider of this board always in control while floating in the deep stuff.

The flex of the Excavator can be described as a medium to stiff flex. This allows the board to be stiff enough to carve on non-powder days but enables the rider to be creative with it as well.

The K2 Excavator is a Directional-shaped board, contrary to twin-shaped boards which are more All-mountain, or Freestyle orientated. This allows the rider to lean back for the sake of staying afloat on the powder. Another detail of the Excavator is that it has a slight swallowtail.

k2 excavator 2023


K2 chose an S1 Core for their K2 excavator 2023 model contrary to the A1 for the 2022 model. The S1 Core was designed to be more dampening beneath the bindings, and stronger than ever. Constructed from aspen, bamboo, and paulownia, the core lets each of these do what they do best.

For laminate, they chose ICG 10 Biaxal Carbon Glass. Adding a smooth power release in and out of turns while adding more pop and liveliness to the board. Additionally, another laminate called Carbon Power Fork is added. This adds greater response and energy return by increasing the width towards the tail of the board – adding more edge pressure, and more pop.

K2 chose a Wax-Infused Sintered 4001 Base. This base holds wax longer than any other sintered base and allows a smoother and longer glide.

k2 excavator 2023

Powder Performance

It’s fair to say the K2 Excavator 2023 doesn’t disappoint in powder (would be shameful if it were). The float of the Excavator feels more powerful than many other boards in the same category. Additionally, the big nose of the Excavator is great for dealing with the unknown – AKA terrible slope conditions or some rocks.

Perfect for playing around, the K2 Excavator 2023 allows the rider to be very creative riding treelines or powder in general. The snappy but not too stiff flex in between the feet enables agility in terms of direction than one would think of such a large board.

Carving and Turning

Although the K2 Excavator 2023 is a beast of a board, it’s a playful beast. As mentioned earlier, the board is very agile, which means short turns are very easy to do. The stiffness and the pressure on the edges add a lot of stability when riding on your edges when carving.

Despite it being very playful, it should be mentioned that the K2 Excavator 2023 is very aggressive. The power input required to make turns is very less. Doing rhythmic changes between long radius carving turns to short ones would be super easy for one.


The stiffness in the K2 Excavator 2023 permits it to be very controllable at high speeds. However, it should be noted that the playfulness of the Excavator comes at a price – minor mistakes are impermissible. One has to be in control of the board at all times but if you can handle that, the board will bring you loads of fun.

The recommended skill level, therefore, is for Intermediate to Advanced riders due to the unforgivingness of the board.


The board was built to be very lively and as mentioned the materials the board is built from, add a lot of pop, which makes it perfect for hitting natural features riding backcountry or treelines. However, taking it to the park is not advisatory due to the directional shape and your bodyweight not being centered.

If you want to take your creativity to the park, I would suggest you look for another board but if you breathe backcountry but like being a creative rider, then you might want to consider the K2 Excavator 2023.

Differences with the 2022 Version

The main difference with the 2022 version is the artwork. The graphics have changed a lot this year but this of course doesn’t really impact your riding. There aren’t really any noticeable changes in terms of riding that should be highlighted other than the slight change in the use of materials. Such as using a S1 Core this year but this doesn’t impact your riding at all. So I would get my hands on a more budget-friendly 2022 version if you don’t have the financial means for the 2023 version.

Personal Experience

Unfortunately, I had to ride the Excavator indoors as I live in Europe where it currently is summer, so I can’t really judge about riding it in powder so I had to base that on riding the 2022 edition. The feeling on the board was really stable for me and I would buy it as my powder board but as I am living on a limited budget that won’t be an option for me.

Who Should Buy It?

The K2 Excavator 2023 definitely isn’t a budget-friendly option. There are way cheaper options out there but if you are looking for a top-notch experience where you push the boundaries of freeriding, and you got the financial means, then the Excavator might be something to consider for you.

The Excavator line is a very exciting one, and I would suggest everyone try out the experience maybe once and see if this board fits your riding style and your budget. I won’t lie when I say it is one of the best freeriding boards out there. Click HERE to see our other board buying guides!

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