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Nashville Singer Songwriter Kimberley Dahme Seriously Injured in Skiiing Accident in Colorado

The much loved and popular Nashville Singer-Songwriter and Producer Kimberley Dahme were involved in a skiing accident over the Thanksgiving holiday while visiting her Dad in Colorado.

She tells me she took her daughter, Emily to the beginner’s lessons and said that “Emily was smiling and skiing in no time.” Kenny, her son got into his high-end snowboarding gear ready to try out his brand new top-of-the-line helmet camera.” Kimberley then explained to me that she received some instruction about skiing down this particular hill.

It was the only slope open so it was her only choice. She tells me how hard it is for her and both her kids to find time and activities that all three of them can do together. She and Kenny rode the lift up together. She tells me, “it was a breathtaking view and it promised to be the quality time she’s been longing for.”

As they proceeded slowly down the slopes Kimberley told Kenny to go have fun. “Meet me on your second time down.”

Kimberley was taking it all nice and easy. She was doing okay until a child appeared out of nowhere near the bottom of the slope and was suddenly right in front of her and she had to turn abruptly to avoid missing the child.

When she did this she hit an ice patch and without control ran into a pole at top speed. She went on to explain to me that this was the most painful thing she has ever experienced in her life. You know that means a lot she has given birth twice. Her right arm had painfully dislocated fractures.

Different emergency team members started showing up and performing tests to see if her back, neck, or tail bone were injured. This happened at least 3 different times by EMTs before the main man did it for the final time prior to moving her onto a board. She said, “when they had to remove the ski poles from my wrists that really hurt.” They had to lay her body out before they could transfer her.

She told me about her trip down the mountain. “They got me off the side of the mountain by pulling me on a stretcher behind a snowboard to the mobile unit. There I was transferred to another hard surface and then to an ambulance for a 30-minute ride down a two-lane windy bumpy road. I sure hadn’t planned our day like this”

There are 9 screws, 2 plates, and 1 long bolt in her right arm. She’s still unable to use her right hand but is starting physical therapy today and is looking forward to a full recovery. She is hopeful to regain use of her arm soon so she can resume songwriting and play us another tune. In the meantime, she says she’ll just “hire a better guitar player to join her.” She has an uplifting attitude and sends warm holiday wishes to everyone.

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