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Shaun White wins the Snowboard Half Pipe Gold on a day that made history for the USA at the Olympics. February 17th, 2010 will go down in the history books as the day the US team won six gold medals in a single day at the Winter Olympics. This is a first for the USA. In the 1988 Winter Olympics which were held in Calgary, six gold medals were won by the US over the duration of the entire Olympics. This record is a proud achievement for the US.

Shaun White has got skills that no other snowboarder has ever been able to imitate. His amazing combos have made him famous and he is one of the most recognizable sports figures in the world. What Tiger Woods did for golf, Shaun White has done for snowboarding. The 23-year-old has plenty left in him to surprise us with in the future.

Shaun White and the Red Bull Project have proved their effectiveness. In 2009 Red Bull constructed a private half pipe in a remote location for Shaun White to practice for his Olympic attempt at the gold. It was called the Red Bull Project X and it was created so Shaun could practice and invent new moves with the hopes of achieving another level of his riding techniques. Well, it worked, because Shaun White was the star of the show hands down.

The pipe was built in the deep backcountry of Silverton Mountain in Colorado. The 22-foot-tall superpipe. It had a 600-square-foot foam pit at the bottom with 550-foot-long walls towering over it. This training facility was the first of its kind. Red Bull Project X has helped change the face of snowboarding.

The unique construction of the Red Bull half pipe, allowed White to test his limits without fear of injury. The foam pit acted like a lifeline to a trapeze artist. White could try any new move or technique and perfect it without the fear of broken bones. This is where his front-side double cork 1080 was developed. This move involves two off-axis flips.

Shaun White first showed off the techniques that he perfected with Project Red Bull at the Burton New Zealand Open in August 2009 where he easily rose to victory. Everyone knew at that time from watching his performance, that he was a shoo-in at the Olympics. Congratulations Shaun White and Thanks for Red Bull’s sponsorship of the private and unique training area.

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