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If you’re looking for a new snowboarding experience, and have been considering buying a snowboard but aren’t sure which brand to choose from the selection of popular names like Burton or Salomon, then it’s time to consider a Capita snowboard. These boards are not only relatively affordable compared to some other top-tier manufacturers (especially if you buy used) but also produce quality products that can compete with many of their more expensive counterparts.
So should you buy a Capita snowboard? Is this company really making great snowboards at an affordable price? Let’s take a look at what makes them so special.

Capita Technology

Capita is known as one of the best places in the industry when it comes to creating innovative and high-quality snowboards. They’ve actually been around since 1982, which means most people probably don’t even remember who these guys were before now! The company has grown into a well-respected name thanks to its ability to create unique snowboards tailored specifically for each type of rider out there.

They offer three different types of board styles – freeride, all-mountain, and deep powder. Each style caters to a specific kind of user: freeriders ride on groomed runs while carving up jumps, riders who want to hit the slopes hard will opt for all-mountains, which feature a stiff flex designed to maximize speed and maneuverability, and lastly, those who prefer to find themselves lost under drifts of fresh powder may go for the deepest powder models.

The company has continued to release innovations over the years including designs such as the “Vapor” series, which features a concave design intended to provide better stability than traditional flat boards. These boards also featured soft edges, allowing users to carve turns without risking any damage to their hands. Other notable technologies include variable cambering, which allows the board to adjust to your stance during use, giving you maximum control over how much pressure you apply to the ground.

Not every capita snowboard model released by Capita was successful though, especially early on. One example would be the Airline Snowboard, which had several problems including poor durability and a tendency to warp after just a few days outside. Fortunately, the company learned quickly and soon began producing far superior models. Today, Capita produces some truly impressive snowboards. You’ll see why we think the company deserves another chance here shortly…

Capita Competitors

It’s important to note that not everyone thinks highly of Capita’s offerings. In fact, I know quite a number of long-term customers who purchased a Capita snowboard back in the day because they thought no other manufacturer could match their prices. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize that Capita’s lower pricing came with subpar performance until it was too late.

Today, however, things are very different. With the help of our friends at Bargaineering, we took a look at some competitive options and found that Capita does indeed handily beat most companies’ entry-level boards. It might surprise you to learn that Capita offers two lines under $100 — the low-end Classic line and the mid-range Advanced line. Both come with decent foam cores and fiberglass decks, although some reviewers complained about the lack of real wood.

While both lines are solid performers, the advanced version is definitely preferred due to its slightly larger size and wider shape. This gives it increased edge hold and provides greater support per square inch of foot contact. However, the classic line tends to outperform it in terms of turning capability. A lot of this depends on where you live, of course. If you tend to spend a lot of time doing tricks off the side of ramps, the extra width of the Advanced line becomes critical.

Another point to keep in mind is that Capita isn’t exactly known for being a leader in innovation. While others like Rossignol and Atomic pioneered the idea of variable cambering, Capita chose instead to focus on providing consumers with numerous ways to alter their own individual settings. For snowboard enthusiasts interested in taking advantage of newer technologies, this strategy seems less appealing.

As mentioned earlier, Capita has produced a variety of failures over the past couple of decades, but let’s get something straight right away — Capita still puts out pretty darn cool stuff today. There’s nothing wrong with their older releases, either, but it’s clear that they haven’t figured everything out yet. That said, anyone looking for a fun new hobby or simply wants to try out snowboarding for the first time shouldn’t overlook Capita. Their beginner packages typically start at under fifty bucks, and if you shop carefully you can often pick up preowned stock for significantly cheaper.
In short, Capita makes good snowboards at reasonable prices, so if you’re looking for a starter package or you just need a reliable machine for light shredding through parks, you won’t regret checking them out.

Are Capita Snowboards worth the price?

Overall, Capita snowboards represent excellent value for money. We certainly wouldn’t call them cheap, but once you factor in the cost of comparable higher-end machines, they become surprisingly affordable. Keep in mind that Capita doesn’t always skimp on materials, so you may notice slight differences between budget boards and ones aimed directly at enthusiasts. Also, keep in mind that you can save big bucks by purchasing used equipment online.

For beginners, we recommend the Classic line. Its wide shape provides plenty of surface area for learning basic maneuvers, and its medium flex helps promote balance. As for upgrades, you can add additional layers of padding inside, and you’ll enjoy improved comfort and warmth thanks to the synthetic insulation. Overall, we’d say this line represents fair value for beginners.

Those willing to step up to the next level should check out the Advanced line. Despite having similar construction and overall dimensions, this line feels noticeably sturdier and provides slightly stronger support. On the downside, it uses smaller rails, which can cause difficulty getting your feet into certain stances. Nevertheless, we think this line remains suitable for intermediate riders.

Finally, experienced racers who crave extreme handling characteristics should invest in the Vantage line. This particular line utilizes thicker sidewalls and shorter lengths which give it outstanding turning capabilities and allow it to absorb impact forces more easily. Still, the majority of buyers report that the added stiffness causes discomfort upon landing.
We hope this article helped shed some light on whether Capita snowboards are worth investing in, and hopefully, it gave you enough information to decide for yourself whether you should purchase one. Happy riding!

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