Teen peta activists force burton to stop selling fur

Shauna White and Jeremy Jones are both professional snowboard riders for the Burton Snowboards company. As Burton’s sponsored riders, they get all sorts of merchandise…including dead animal skins. And peta2 doesn’t like that at all.

Peta2 is the teen and college branch of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). PETA is an animal rights organization that is against using animals for any purpose and is regularly launching massive campaigns against companies that sell fur or leather. The latest campaign was against sports company Burton Snowboards, which sells fashion-conscious snowboard and ski gear sporting its ubiquitous “U-arrow” logo.

Previously, Burton Snowboards, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, sold fur on things like fur-trimmed ski jackets. According to analysts, Burton Snowboards has corned as much as 35% of their market. When PETA heard that such a large company sponsored the killing of animals for their fur, they notified their teen and college-age members that makeup peta2 (found at peta2.com). Because this age demographic is Burton’s main target audience, PETA knew that petitions from peta2 would be heard.

In an email to activists, peta2 proudly announced that it had organized its constituents to send off as many as 50,000 emails to Burton. Peta2 also stated that it had also sparked countless phone calls, although the exact phone call tally is difficult to ascertain.

What did Burton do with it?

Today, Burton Snowboards has announced that it has officially pledged to stop selling fur. Instead, Burton Snowboards will use faux fur, a synthetic man-made material that looks and feels like the real deal, without carrying the guilt that is associated with wearing a real animal’s skin.

Other young adult-oriented companies that manufacture sports goods have already made the decision to only use faux fur. These companies include DC Shoes and the popular skate brand Volcom.

With the current Burton victory, peta2 is now organizing a campaign against clothing retailer Guess.

The history of the fur trade is very colorful, filled with fights and accusations, and international intrigue. Much of the cheaper fur and leather found in the United States comes from Chinese fur farms, where dogs and cats are said to be killed in an unregulated industry that does not carry any regard for the humane treatment of the animals in the slaughterhouses.

Burton Snowboards also sells its products under other brands, including RED Protection (helmets), Anon Optics (goggles), and Gravis Footwear (shoes).

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