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The 7 Best Wide Snowboard Boots for Wide Feet

If you are reading this, then you are probably encountering the problem of having a lot of difficulties finding snowboard boots that fit your feet size and are both comfortable and high performance.

Having bigger feet than most people shouldn’t be holding you back from doing what you love – you should be able to enjoy riding instead of having to figure out how you are going to ride with boots that don’t feel comfortable wearing.

As it can be really hard for you to find the right kind of boot, that doesn’t make your feet feel sore and feels very stable and comfy riding, we prepared this list of the best snowboard boots for wide feet so you can focus on what’s more important, namely shredding.

Problems Encountered with Improper Boots

Riding with boots that don’t fit your feet size can cause many problems – it can cause the following effects:

  • Heel lift
  • Too much foot and ankle movement
  • Decreases durability of the boot

Sizing up

What a lot of people may do to compensate for the problems caused may be to size up. They may choose a boot that is up to 4 sizes bigger than they would normally do. This of course isn’t the solution as not only the width of the boot increases but also the length of the boot, this will cause your feet to move a lot in your boot and will hurt a lot in the long run.

Some riders may find their sized-up boots comfortable at first but after riding them for a while, they encounter the same problems they did before.

These problems have to be addressed. That’s why we created this list to help our fellow riders to find wide snowboard boots that will fit them best so they can finally enjoy riding the slopes without having to worry about their boot size.

How to determine your snowboard boot width

Not only does the length of your feet matter when choosing snowboard boots but the width of your feet is of equal importance. If your feet are very wide, then it’s important to find shoes that are not too narrow or too wide.

Figuring out how wide your feet are can be quite difficult without help as the width of your feet is not equal everywhere. That’s why there are some tools that can help you figure out how to determine your feet’ width on your own. A very easy and proven method is the method explained on Leaf tv’s site.

The next step would be to calculate the degree of width that your feet have. You can do this using a website like Size Charter. Doing so will definitely save you some time trying out different shoes as you are now aware of the width you are going to be looking at.

Research Method

As everyone has different needs for their snowboard boots, it’s not easy to put up a list of the best snowboard boots for wide feet. That’s why this list is based on what the majority of riders with wide feet feel are the best boots for high performance and comfortable riding.

We asked over 100 riders with wide feet to give their honest opinion on what snowboard boot they feel most comfortable in. We analyzed these results and the following list came up as the favorites for wide feet.

Burton Moto Wide

burton moto boa

The Burton Moto is a very popular boot from Burton. The wide variant of this boot has proven to be very comfy and high-performance by our “panel”. It features the BOA lacing system to make putting them on way easier. The flex of this boot is soft, meaning that it is perfect for freestyle use cases. The width size of the Moto wide is 3E, meaning that it is extra wide.

Out of all the riders with wide feet we asked, the Burton Moto Wide was mentioned the most. All of them shared their personal riding experiences with this boot and were more than satisfied with its performance.

There of course were some who didn’t like this boot but this was mostly due to wearing the wrong size boot. The rest all had something positive to say about this boot, ranging from a comfortable fit to high-performance riding.


Many riders riding with this boot explained that it was such a relief to ride with these boots after riding with boots not fit their feet size. They had a very positive experience with the Burton Moto Wide.

Many others felt like finding the right snowboard boot for them was like finding a needle in a haystack, they felt like this boot was that needle they had been searching for. They had searched season upon season for the right boot until they stumbled upon the Burton Moto Wide.

Despite all this positive feedback, there is a downside to the Burton Moto Wide and Burton sizing in general. Although it is advertised as an extra wide boot, the boot can be too narrow for people with extremely wide feet. This doesn’t happen a lot, it wasn’t mentioned once in our questionnaire, and we only found out about it when we researched reviews online.

If you fall into this category of people with extra wide feet, don’t be discouraged as we got plenty of other boots from brands other than Burton on this list.

Burton Ruler Wide

burton ruler wide

The Burton Ruler Wide is another very popular boot by Burton. Despite it being a little bit more expensive than the Moto, it’s one that shouldn’t be forgotten.

Contrary to the BOA system of the Moto, the Burton Ruler utilizes a dual-BOA system. This means that two distinct lace zones can be independently adjusted for both the upper and lower part of the boot, resulting in a more tight fit for high-performance riding. This system does give in a bit on comfort as your lower legs and feet are tighter.

The Ruler has a medium flex rating, which means there is enough hi-back stiffness for carving and it’s still flexible enough for jibbing. Just like the Moto, the boot width is 3E like all other wide snowboard boots by Burton.

The Burton Ruler was one of the most-mentioned boots out there. The feedback it got was astonishing, from people claiming it to be the comfiest boot ever, to people saying their riding level increased a lot after choosing the Burton Ruler.


Many claimed that there was a very noticeable difference between riding with the Burton Ruler Wide compared to riding with boots that were either too small width-wise or did fit but didn’t allow high-performance riding.

Unfortunately, the same issues experienced with the Moto can be experienced with the Ruler for some people. There were a few people complaining about the width being too narrow for their very wide feet. This is something to pay attention to if you are keen on buying the Burton Ruler.

Additionally, the durability of the Burton Ruler is not that great. On average the Ruler only lasts for approximately 2 seasons of frequent riding. If you are looking for a boot that lasts longer than this, please check out the other boots on this list, because we got a lot more to cover.

K2 Maysis Wide

k2 maysis wide

The K2 Maysis Wide is the only boot made by K2 made for wide feet, which is a variant of the regular K2 Maysis boot. The boot has a medium stiffness rating, meaning that it is a perfect all-rounder for both off-piste, groomers, and in the park. The width of the K2 Maysis Wide is more optimal for people with very wide feet than the previous Burton boots.

The K2 Maysis Wide was made to be durable, the materials chosen for the boot are all made for long life. The hi-back of the boot will remain its stiffness for a very long time. The liner system on the K2 Maysis Wide is a patented K2 liner system, which provides a lot of heel hold and allows fine adjustments.

The lacing system on the K2 Maysis Wide is a BOA system like we saw on the Burton Ruler Wide. There are two BOA systems that allow adjustments both for the lower leg and for your feet. This makes your boot feel more tight but steady and allows top-level riding but you would have to give in a bit on comfort.


Out of the people that rated the K2 Maysis Wide, most of them confirmed what was mentioned before, the boot is very durable and very steady. Some complained about the wear and tear on the boot throughout the season but this only took place on the outside of the boot and didn’t alter the riding experience.

Other than that everyone was quite happy with the K2 Maysis Wide. This boot by K2 is suggested for those whose feet are too wide for other wide boots as this one is wider than for example wide boots made by Burton.

Salomon Hi-Fi Wide

salomon hi-fi wide

The Salomon Hi-Fi was designed to meet the needs of Bode Merrill, one of the best snowboarders of all time. The stiffness of the Hi-Fi is medium, perfect for every all-rounder who wants to do everything on the mountain. The width of the boot is perfect for everyone with wide feet, even for those with extremely wide feet.

The Hi-Fi features something Salomon calls a mutation construction, which is supposed to ensure a never-ending flex. This boot also features a zone lock lacing system that allows the rider to customize the boots wrapping support, just like on other Salomon boots.

Unfortunately, all these great elements of this boot come with a hefty price tag. This boot is the most expensive one featured in this list but if you have the financial means, it is a boot to consider.


Due to the hefty price tag, there weren’t many riders who were able to tell me about this particular boot. However, out of all the people that got to try the Salomon Hi-Fi Wide, all were positive about it. The feedback was astonishing.

It checks all boxes for what a boot should do. I was told it is very durable and that the response of this boot was worth mentioning.

I would say this is the perfect boot for anyone with wide feet but your wallet may say otherwise. I would only consider it if you want to bring your riding to the next level and are willing to pay a larger premium for it.

Salomon Dialogue Wide

k2 dialogue wide

The Salomon Dialogue Wide is another wide boot made by Salomon. The boot has a similar width compared to the Salomon Hi-Fi. The flex of the boot is a little bit less stiff than the Hi-Fi but can still be called a medium flex, although it tends to be more a freestyle orientated boot than the other Salomon boot.

Similarly, the Salomon Dialogue Wide has a zone lock lacing system. For those who want a faster lacing system than the zone lock system but enjoy riding the Dialogue, there is the Dialogue Focus BOA Wide.

The price of the Dialogue wide is way less compared to the Hi-Fi but still benefits from the zone lock lacing system. The Dialogue is a more budget-friendly option but isn’t any worse.


The Dialogue Wide is a more commonly used boot than the Hi-Fi. There were a few people who both rode the Hi-Fi as the Dialogue and they found it to be very comparable. The only downsides were that the Dialogue could fit a little more tight width-wise than the Hi-Fi and that it was less durable but other than that they noted no difference.

Out of those who didn’t get the chance to ride the Hi-Fi but just the Dialogue, the feedback was great. Most commented in general that the boot allowed for a comfortable to perfect ride. If that’s not what you are looking for in a boot, then I don’t know what is.

Salomon Synapse Wide

salomon synapse wide

The Salomon Synapse Wide is one of the most well-known snowboard boots out there for wide feet. It’s an All-Mountain high-performance boot. The width of the Synapse is comparable with the Dialogue, fitting for all wide feet. The boot itself is very stiff, meaning that it is perfect for carving but less great for things requiring a lot of flexibility.

The lacing system of the Synapse is different from the other Salomon boots. The lacing system is a quick lacing system instead of a zone lock system like the other two Salomon boots. If you prefer stiffer boots, then this one is the perfect match for you.


The feedback on the Synapse was very alike the feedback on the Salomon Dialogue Wide. Most of the riders found it to be very comfy and match their expectations. There were only a few people who made the same complaints about this boot that it wasn’t durable or too narrow but these were exceptions.

This is the right boot for you if you like a more traditional lacing system and if you are more a freeride, and or carving fanatic than a park rat. The price of the boot is very similar to the Dialogue and thus budget-friendly.

Thirtytwo TM-2 Wide

thirty-two tm-2

The Thirtytwo TM-2 Double BOA Wide is one of the most versatile wide snowboard boots you can find. These boots were made for wide feet and allow you to ride just about anything. The width of the boot is perfect for every wide foot, fitting everyone.

A performance liner with heat-moldable customization will give you plenty of comfort and hold, working with the natural shape of your foot to keep everything cushioned and supported. The footbed comes with molded foam for another layer of cushioning.

The boot has a medium flex adds a lot of comfort but makes this boot the perfect allrounder. It makes the boot so much more versatile, they are flexible and soft enough for freestyle purposes but stiff enough for ripping the mountains.

The lacing system on the Thirtytwo TM-2 is a dual BOA lacing system. It works the same as for example the Burton Ruler adding a lot of stability to the upper and lower part. The biggest downside of the boot is the price tag, the Thirtytwo TM-2 Wide boots aren’t for anyone on a budget.


Those who reviewed this boot all stated that it was very comfy except a few. Some found it a bit too wide or too narrow but I would suggest these people to heat mold it to their liking. Others stated that after the heat molding, the boot felt way more comfortable than before.


Our article was meant for those who struggle to find the right boot due to their foot width. It was based on information gathered by the Snowcarvers team for our fellow riders by asking our fellow riders for their feedback aswell as information found on the internet.

We wanted to make this list as fair as possible for that reason we chose to show both the positives as the negatives to save our fellow riders with wide feet time and money looking for boots that fit them.

Our Top Picks

  1. Burton Moto Wide
  2. Salomon Dialogue Wide
  3. Thirtytwo TM-2 Wide

These top picks were chosen based on the user feedback. These three boots are the best pick for you if you are going to try on some new boots for the upcoming season. I hope my list will help you in the search finding a new pair of boots.

We also reviewed another wide snowboard boot called the Burton Photon Wide, if you are interested in that one, click HERE.

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