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Top 5 Ideal Snowboarding Destinations

There may be a lot of good places to snowboard around the world, but there are only several locations that are total must-sees if you are an avid snowboarder. In order to get the ultimate snowboarding experiences ever, check out the top 5 ideal snowboarding destinations listed in this article and have the time of your life:

Solden, Austria

50 miles from Innsbruck and a further 20 miles away from Otztal lies the amazing resort of Solden, Austria. With three killer slopes and three of the fastest lifts in the world, Solden comes with an incredibly breath-taking view. And if you have never gone snowboarding during the night, then Solden is definitely a resort to check out because Solden gives you their visitors the weekly opportunity to go night boarding in style.

Snowboarding at night is always a treat, but Solden goes all out by providing their snowboarders with a stunning firework display, as well as the opportunity to get a drink before runs. Drinking while snowboarding is simply something any drinker-slash-snowboarder must try at least once in his life.

St Anton, Austria

For the best snowboarding terrain, St. Anton is up there on the list of top snowboarding destinations. If you like to freestyle, then St. Anton is the place to do it – without a doubt. The slopes are not very forgiving, making this destination only a must-see place if you enjoy high speed and high octane fun. With a completely powder-covered slope, snowboarders will be able to accelerate much faster than usual, perfect for those who live for adrenaline rushes.

Tignes, France

If you love France and you love snowboarding, Tignes is undoubtedly the perfect place for you to go. Tignes was one of the very first locations to embrace snowboarding as a sport during a time when skiing was the “in” thing to do on the slopes.

This is also the perfect place to learn your trade. If you wish to become a professional snowboarder or want to teach snowboarding for a living, Tignes offers a wide range of snowboarding training courses. However, while Tignes offers a lot of excellent runs for you to try, this is not the place to go if you are looking for tree runs.

XCAPE Building SnowZone, United Kingdom

For the best indoor snowboarding entertainment, there is, visit XCAPE Building SnowZone. If you think playing PlayStation or Wii is the ultimate indoor entertainment, then, boy, are you ready for a treat? For a reasonable hourly fee on the slopes (and that even includes boots and snowboard rental), you will be able to snowboard in an indoor enclosed area with snowboard instructors all over the place, watching your every move.

This will provide you with a ton of helpful feedback from willing snowboarding instructors, making this a great place to learn and improve your snowboarding skills.

LAAX, Switzerland

This snowboarding haven is a must-see for everyone. Home to some of the biggest snowboarding events in the world, not a single professional snowboarder has ever turned down the opportunity to face its challenging slopes. However, they also offer slopes that are suitably tailored for beginners.

This is definitely the place to be if you are a serious snowboarder. But even if you are not, LAAX is a great place to watch others snowboard or to run into famous DJs, singers, and pop stars. This place has half-pipes galore for those who enjoy doing flips on the slopes. The ski lift offers an amazing view and for beginners, this may be the most enjoyable part of their first visit.

Final Take on the Ideal Snowboarding Destinations

The Top 5 Ideal Snowboarding Destinations show you my take on ideal destinations for snowboarding. These locations were chosen based on the criteria that I find most important, meaning that these were mainly chosen based on the quality of their fun parks instead of general slope conditions or powder options as I find that more important.

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