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What First-Time Snowboarders Need To Know

Winter is just around the corner and, that being said, winter sports are just as close. Snowboarding is quickly taking over the world of winter sports, with more and more people hitting the slopes every season. With that in mind, there are a few things that first-time snowboarders should keep in mind while getting ready for the mountain.

How big is Too Big? The first step is selecting the proper snowboard for you as a rider. If you are renting from a store, they should be able to help you choose the best size, but if that is not an option there is an easy rule of thumb. When you stand the board on its tail the top of it should come up to just the bridge or your nose. However, if you want a board that is more manageable, you should rent one that is a little shorter as it will be easier to maneuver.

Boots and Bindings: If you are accustomed to skiing, the boots and bindings for snowboards will seem more complicated, but they are easy to adjust to. The boots should be snug, but still loose enough to allow some wiggle room in the toe area. However, they should be tight enough so that the boot will not slip off your foot while riding a chair lift. There is a whole world of bindings to choose from; from ones that you can step into like ski bindings (with special boots) to the classic two-strap type that is ratcheted down over your boots.

Stance for First-Time Snowboarders

Feeling Goofy? Once you have selected the correct snowboard the next step is determining how you want to stand on it. The ‘standard’ stance is with the left forward and the right foot in the back. This is because the rear foot is used for the lion’s share of steering and most people are more comfortable using the right foot.

One rides ‘Goofy’ when they prefer to have the left foot in the back. This is important to figure out because the bindings are set up according to how the rider stands, generally with the leading foot being at a slight angle and the trailing foot being perpendicular to the board.

Jackets, Pants, and Gloves; oh my: The key word here is “layers.” Everything should be worn in doubles when it comes to clothing. These layers are the base, worm layer, and shell layer. The base layer is worn close to the skin in the form of sweats, a soft jacket, and warm gloves. These are there to keep you warm and insulate you from the cold weather outside.

The next layer is the shell layer. The shell layer consists of snow pants, another jacket, and another pair of gloves. This layer is normally made of synthetics that will not allow the snow to stick. This method of dressing allows you to keep warm and avoid having snow stick to your clothes.

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