What is dirtsurfing?

The word “dirt surfing” conjures up images of a boardshorts-wearing surfer riding a surfboard across dirt or sand instead of water. Surprisingly this is not the actual activity behind the meaning of dirt surfing. Rather dirt surfing is a hybrid sport that combines the skills of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, and BMX biking.

A look at the dirt surf ride itself:

A typical dirt surfing rig has a thin but strong board in the middle with two straps for the rider to put his/her feet. The board is connected to an aluminum-modified bike frame that is low to the ground. Traditionally two knobby BMX tires are mounted on either end of the rig. Most models also come with a hand brake mechanism that connects to a disc brake on one wheel for stopping.

How does a dirt surfer ride the board?

The surfer stands partially sideways facing forwards on the board. Each foot slips underneath a strap that allows the surfer to make sharp turns and jumps without falling off the board. Think of snowboards with their straps or boot clamps.

The surfer then can push off with their hand while crouched and stand up as needed to balance and steer the ride. By shifting their body weight in different directions they can steer the rig around turns and over jumps.

Due to high speeds, off-road obstacles, and sheer speed dirt surfers must wear helmets, knee guards, protective gloves, and elbow guards. Some dirt surfers wear full downhill biking helmets and motorcycle protective clothing.

Where do you ride when dirtsurfing?

As the name implies, many dirt surfers ride on dirt trails. Due to the knobby BMX tires, the dirt surfing rig can ride on dirt, gravel, grass, and small rocks. Users can also ride on paved streets and sidewalks or do tricks with the rig off of skateboard jumps and ramps.

Dirtsurfing is a growing trend in extreme sports believed to have started in Australia. Skilled riders using high-end dirt surfing rigs can reach speeds of up to 70 mph downhill making the sport thrilling and dangerous at the same time.

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